In this eLearning course tailored for adult learners, I’ve skillfully created a scenario-based training program that combines textual content, visual aids, audio elements, videos, interactive scenarios, quizzes, and a completion certificate. By seamlessly integrating these multimedia components, I’ve curated an immersive learning journey that engages learners and encourages a practical application of concepts through real-life examples. This course embodies my expertise in designing and developing interactive eLearning experiences that cater to adult learners’ unique needs and preferences.




"How can achieving high First Call Resolution (FCR) rates transform the landscape of customer service and drive operational excellence?"

My Process

A combination of the ADDIE framework and adult learning theories guided my process. I initiate by analyzing the specific needs and objectives, ensuring alignment with the desired outcome. In the design phase, I conduct comprehensive research to craft content and interactions that resonate with learners’ experiences while considering adult learning theories to enhance engagement and comprehension. During the development phase, the vision was brought to life through dynamic multimedia elements and interactive features to foster meaningful learning experiences. Each interactive activity was thoughtfully aligned with learning objectives, ensuring relevance and reinforcing comprehension. The implementation provided seamless navigation and accessibility, setting the stage for evaluation, where formative and summative assessments validate the course’s efficacy. This approach results in an eLearning course that captures learners’ attention, facilitates an understanding, and drives impactful outcomes.

Action Map

Incorporating Cathy Moore’s strategic action mapping process, I assumed the dual role of both subject matter expert (SME) and someone experienced in customer service. Initiating the action mapping, I introduced a quantifiable performance goal as the foundation for the learning journey. Subsequently, I outlined the actionable steps that learners must undertake to attain this goal. Progressing forward, I crafted practice activities to facilitate the practical application of the outlined objectives. Finally, I pinpointed the necessary information for learners to execute the tasks at hand effectively.

Text-Based Storyboard

This text-based storyboard is my strategic compass after conducting in-depth research and content collection. It enabled me to plan and structure content, orchestrating the transformation of ideas into captivating narratives that lead learners on an effortless educational journey. My commitment to rigorous research ensures content accuracy, relevance, and alignment with the currents of the industry’s latest trends.

Visual Mockups

I began the visual design process by creating wireframes for each slide type. Throughout this process, I actively sought feedback from my fellow instructional designer peers. Their insights were incredibly valuable in shaping the visual mockups, leading to multiple rounds of refinement. Once these slide templates were polished, I translated them into the full eLearning experience using Articulate Storyline 360.

I created a custom color palette for the backgrounds in this experience. I chose neutral colors. My choice of neutral hues was intentional, aimed at effortlessly capturing the user’s attention and fostering an environment of focus and engagement.


This section presents dynamic prototypes I created as a guide to develop my interactive prototype in Articulate Storyline 360. I used my visual mockups and text-based storyboard to develop the first two sections and a question. I developed these slides to test the functionality, look, and feel of the project.

Full Development

The full development of the course was in Articulate Storyline 360.  This training program is designed to empower customer service professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional support through First Call Resolution (FCR). Explore the significance of FCR, understand its positive impact on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, and learn from real-life success stories. Through interactive modules and engaging scenarios, participants will develop the ability to diagnose issues accurately, troubleshoot effectively, and provide solutions that resonate with customers, all while maintaining a strong focus on achieving and sustaining high FCR rates. This training is your pathway to becoming a key driver in enhancing customer loyalty, promoting positive experiences, and contributing to the overall success of the organization.



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