GA FCCLH Pre-licensure Training


Provider competencies that serve as a framework for professional development for those who wish to open a in-home daycare in Georgia.

Ten (10) Clock Hour | 1 CEUs | 1 Year Access
Learning Objectives:

Topic Area 1: Early Learning Standards – Growth and Development Infancy to School Age (2 hours)

  • Identify the different stages of a child development from the birth to 60 months.
  • Recognize what to look for in the event a child is not performing on their peer’s level and demonstrate what to do.
  • Choose different activities for each age group that will aid a child in development.

Topic Area 2: Communication – Attract New Families “Marketing 101” (2 hours)

  • Identify the benefits of a child care program and how to communicate them to families.
  • Compare the rates and services of a competitor to the rates and services offered in their child care program.
  • Identify the different methods to fill slots in a child care program

Topic Area 3: Professional and Leadership Development – Professionalism (1 hour)

  • Apply good values in an early childhood program to help the program prosper.
  • Identify what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors are inappropriate
  • Discuss ways to prevent unethical behavior within the work place.

Topic Area 3: Professional and Leadership Development –  A Commitment to Professional Development  (1 hour)

  • Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional learning and development by establishing objectives and goals.
  • Determine training and development methods to initiate learning opportunities to advance personal professional knowledge and skills.
  • Identify ways to evaluate training and development effectiveness.

Topic Area 4: Business Management – Initiate, Sustain and Maintain an Effective Organization (2 hours)

  • Apply effective strategies to manage day-to-day activities within the child care program.
  • Organize a safe environment by developing and maintaining the equipment.
  • Implement the best practices for record keeping.
  • Identify an effective communication strategy to promote awareness and family engagement.
  • Adapt to change to maintain an effective child care program

Topic Area 5: Advocacy For the Parents, children and staff in family child care learning home – Observation and Assessment In Young Children (2 hours)

    • Identify the different observation and assessment techniques.
    • Discuss the importance of childhood observation and assessment.
    • Implement observation and assessment during class time and incorporate it in a curriculum.
Material Needed:

  • Writing Paper
  • A pen or pencil

  • N/A
System Requirements:

  • Access to a Laptop or Desktop
  • Internet connection. High speed broadband access (LAN, Cable or DSL) is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience.
  • A graphical browser is required, such as, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • An E-mail account that is accessible.
Criteria to Earn Credit:

To receive credit for completing this course participants must read all material, take notes, and complete all the required assignments. There is a final assessment at the end of this training course. Participants will have two attempts to take the final assessment and must pass with a 70% or higher to earn a certificate of completion and 1 CEUs. Participants will receive GEORGIA CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION after each training course is completed.

Please note there will be no extra attempts to re-take the final assessment, once you have started the final assessment be sure to complete it without interruption. If you are not able to pass the final assessment with a 70% or higher we encourage you to consider taking another course that meet your requirements or wait 30 days before you re-take this course.


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